Paper published in eLife

Our paper, “High-resolution transcriptional and morphogenetic profiling of cells from micropatterned human embryonic stem cell gastruloid cultures.” has been published in eLife:    

Paper published in Cell Stem Cell

Our paper, “Single-Cell Analysis of Neonatal HSC Ontogeny Reveals Gradual and Uncoordinated Transcriptional Reprogramming that Begins before Birth” has been published in Cell Stem Cell:

Calling Card paper published in Cell

Our collaboration with the Mitra lab, “Self-Reporting Transposons Enable Simultaneous Readout of Gene Expression and Transcription Factor Binding in Single Cells” has been published in Cell: DOI:

New preprints: CellOracle and Capybara!

We have two new preprints, one from Kenji and Christy on CellOracle, Dissecting cell identity via network inference and in silico gene perturbation. The second is from Wenjun and Cady on Cabybara: A computational tool to measure cell identity and fate transitions....