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Travis Law joins the lab as a graduate student

Travis Law has joined the lab as a graduate student (Computational and Systems Biology). Travis received his degree in Biology from Grinnell College in 2015. Following his undergraduate studies, he worked as a research associate in Dr. Aviv Regev’s lab at the Broad...

Sam joins the Editorial Board of Cell Stem Cell

Sam has recently joined the Editorial Board of Cell Stem Cell, a broad-spectrum journal that covers the entire spectrum of stem cell biology. Topics covered include embryonic stem cells, pluripotency, germline stem cells, tissue-specific stem cells, stem cell...

Wenjun Kong named as 2021 Covey Fellow!

Our graduate student, Wenjun Kong (Computational and Systems Biology) has been selected to receive the 2020-2021 Douglas Covey Graduate Student Fellowship. This fellowship is made possible by scientific discoveries by Professor Covey and his trainees in the area of...

Paper published in eLife

Our paper, "High-resolution transcriptional and morphogenetic profiling of cells from micropatterned human embryonic stem cell gastruloid cultures." has been published in eLife:    

Sam named NYSCF Robertson Investigator

Sam has been named a Robertson Investigator of the New York Stem Cell Foundation. The NYSCF Investigator Program fosters and encourages promising early career scientists whose cutting-edge research holds the potential to accelerate treatments and cures. We will use...

Paper published in Cell Stem Cell

Our paper, "Single-Cell Analysis of Neonatal HSC Ontogeny Reveals Gradual and Uncoordinated Transcriptional Reprogramming that Begins before Birth" has been published in Cell Stem Cell:

Paul Kepper joins the lab as a Research Fellow!

Paul completed his undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University before continuing his studies at Tulane University, receiving his Master’s in Cell and Molecular Biology. He then completed medical school at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, Louisiana....

Calling Card paper published in Cell

Our collaboration with the Mitra lab, "Self-Reporting Transposons Enable Simultaneous Readout of Gene Expression and Transcription Factor Binding in Single Cells" has been published in Cell: DOI:

Sam is a new Associate Editor at Development

Sam recently took on the role of Associate Editor at Development. She will be handling papers focusing on single-cell approaches in developmental and stem cell biology. You can read more here: